Rock Ridge Dairy Christmas 2012 – Mooved by the Food Banks!

Christmas was a busy time for us. We were busy gearing up our Organic Cow Milk product line for the 2013 New Year. We did our first run of cow milk in time for the Christmas food hamper program run by the Edmonton and Calgary Food Banks.

We personally visited both the Edmonton and Calgary Food Banks and dropped off a donation of 1600 litres. We very impressed by the size, scope and efficiency of the cities food banks. The positive response and appreciation for our donation from the food banks in both locations was truly heartwarming. Apparently the Food Banks don’t get milk donations very often. The Calgary Food Bank stated that they spend $300,000 per year on milk alone. Edmonton has been financially unable to provide milk to their clients at all.

I left feeling quite humbled by the whole experience. We recognized that the Food Bank staff all make a tremendous effort to ensure their clients’ needs are met. I felt truly blessed to be able to make a donation this year. Every gift no matter how small does make a difference. I sincerely hope we are financially able to make another milk donation near future.