Natural Goat Milk Products

Whole Goat Milk

goat-milkAvailable in two litre bottles- whole and natural

We take great care in feeding their animals a grain, alfalfa and grass hay diet to ensure the milk has a clear sweet taste. At Rock Ridge Dairy we process the milk as a whole and natural product, not taking anything from it or adding anything to it. Goat milk is a great alternative for people who have milk allergies. See health facts for more information.

Feta Cheese

goat milkAvailable in 200 gram packages, 1, 3 and 11kg pails for special orders.

Feta is made from pure 100% goat milk. Our feta is made using traditional methods and is packaged in it’s own whey that naturally matches the PH of the cheese and removes the need for unnatural acidifiers. A wonderfully flavored cheese it is used in savory dishes, salads and pasta dishes. It makes a delicious spanakopita when mixed with dill, garlic, onions and spinach.

Chevre Cheese

goat milkSold in 1kg and retail size 125g packages.

Chevre cheese can be described as a goat-milk-based cream cheese that can be used in both sweet and savory applications. Use it anywhere you would use Philadelphia cream cheese. It is great for appetizers and as a spread or dip for crackers, breads, or vegetables. Eat chevre plain or be creative and add your own flavorings like dill, garlic or lemon, red pepper jelly or fruit compote. It also makes wonderful baked or no‐bake cheesecake.