Organic Jersey Milk Products

In addition to Rock Ridge’s reputable goat milk line, Rock Ridge Dairy processes a specialty line of Organic Jersey milk and cream products perfect for those customers searching for milk that is rich in A2 beta Caseins. Jersey cows predominantly produce more A2 Beta Caseins than the typical Holstein cow.  Research suggests that milk with A2 Beta caseins is better for you and easier to digest for those individuals with dairy sensitivities.

Currently all the cows are undergoing testing to select for A2/A2 genotypes that will ensure all our milk is of A2 Beta casein protein origins so that in time we can claim a 100% certified A2 Beta Casein protein status.

Also remember from May –October the Jersey cows are out on pasture giving our milk a nice golden color and that extra CLA boost.

From the farm to the package, our milk is handled with the utmost consideration for the Organic regulations set forth by the Canadian Organic Products Regulations (OPR). By following these regulations we can ensure our customers receive the best quality of organic dairy available.

Rock Ridge Dairy are sold in a variety of Alberta food stores.

ORGANIC JERSEY MILK – Available in one & two litre jugs, skim, 1%, 2% and 3.25% and Whole Non-Homogenized New Jersey 2L

10% AND 35% CREAMSAvailable in one litre jugs


We Know Where your Milk Comes From!

Rock Ridge Dairy processes smaller quantities of milk which means we work closer with our dairy farmers than the bigger processors – we know where our milk comes from at all times! Rock Ridge Dairy brings in Organic Jersey milk from a single source, Van Os Dairy in Wetaskiwin Alberta.  Arnold Van Os and his family are is commitment to organic and animal welfare practices. By knowing where our milk comes from we can ensure our customers that they are drinking the healthiest, most humanly processed organic milk products available.

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