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Rock Ridge Wins Outstanding Young Farmer’s Award!

To recognize and promote young farmers who exemplify excellence and innovation in their profession. The Outstanding Young Farmers of Alberta program spotlights and profiles young men and women who have achieved success and who demonstrate leadership in the agriculture industry. It is further the aim of this program to develop among urban Canadians a growing awareness of the importance and impact of farming on the Canadian economy. This program unites top farmers from Alberta and across Canada providing an excellent networking opportunity to continue to grow their farms and succeed as farm business leaders.

At the National Awards Program, each Regional Honouree attends and is recognized for their achievements. A distinguished panel of judges selects two of the seven honourees to be named as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer. All regional honourees become members of the Alumni and are invited back to the National Awards Program every year to honor and welcome new members.

Rock Ridge Dairy was the 2015 Recipiant of this Prestigious Award. This video served to tell the Rock Ridge story:

Rock Ridge Dairy Organic Cow Milk Line – Ready to Launch

Here we are on the brink of finally starting our new organic milk product line. Just a few loose ends to tie up and we should be able to start soon. Somehow I can’t help but wish we could fast forward to the point where we are loading the milk onto the truck and off to the stores. I really want to thank the stores that have supported this new venture of ours. It is hard to find people who will support business start up effort. We realize it can be just as easy to maintain the status quo and not bring in a new product. Change takes time, risk, work and money. So for all those who have decided to carry our products- THANK-YOU!!!!