Rock Ridge Wins Outstanding Young Farmer’s Award!

To recognize and promote young farmers who exemplify excellence and innovation in their profession. The Outstanding Young Farmers of Alberta program spotlights and profiles young men and women who have achieved success and who demonstrate leadership in the agriculture industry. It is further the aim of this program to develop among urban Canadians a growing […]


RockRidge Dairy proudly introduces the launch of DRINK MILK SO KIDS CAN TOO! The Calgary Food Bank runs a Children’s Milk Program that provides fresh milk to children under 12, as well as nursing mothers, pregnant women have registered for regular milk servings. In Calgary, there is not enough fresh milk to meet the needs […]

Rock Ridge Dairy Organic Cow Milk Line – Ready to Launch

Here we are on the brink of finally starting our new organic milk product line. Just a few loose ends to tie up and we should be able to start soon. Somehow I can’t help but wish we could fast forward to the point where we are loading the milk onto the truck and off […]

Rock Ridge Dairy Christmas 2012 – Mooved by the Food Banks!

Christmas was a busy time for us. We were busy gearing up our Organic Cow Milk product line for the 2013 New Year. We did our first run of cow milk in time for the Christmas food hamper program run by the Edmonton and Calgary Food Banks. We personally visited both the Edmonton and Calgary Food Banks […]